An idea put forward by the very popular Irish celebrity chef Donal Skehan was a project taken up by us for the name, branding, and packaging of Skoff pies. Being in frequent contact with Donal and the Skehan family we understood the elements we had to make a part of the branding. Donal’s personality and his unconditional love for vintage stuff was something that the new identity and packaging had to incorporate. The elegant typography and bleak graphic teeth are homage to the works of some amazing American designers such as Roy Kuhlman. All the aspects of the packaging were designed by us. Moreover; the project also consisted of the design of livery and website.

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We Build Stunning Brands for Our Clients



The project offered to us by Bewleys required us to create, for Donnybrook, a new coffee and tea retail concept. Hence, the name being derived from the Broo in Donnybrook came into being. The next phase of the project, which was the branding, was inspired by the recognized fair held on Donnybrook Green. Hence Broo is homage to our intriguing past, featured with animals and characters that may have been a part of the fair back then. The logo is revised in a metallic bronze foil and is harmonized with a gentle pastel palette. The work involves creation of a new identity to all interiors, print and packaging.

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Sea Bee Tree

We have successfully shaped the brand identity and packaging of the SeaBeeTree; a seaweed based muesli. Our basic goal was to break through the clutter, of parallel brands, prevailing in the market place while launching this product as a distinct brand. The point of discretion for this brand is its natural and organic ingredients which we aimed to communicate through our packaging. The purpose was not only to convey the quality aspect of the muesli but also to reflect upon the benefits of the core ingredient ‘seaweed’. We dedicated a major chunk of our time on working in close collaboration with the founders while emphasizing upon the minute details of packaging including silver foiling and embossing. We feel pleasure in stating that the brand currently is on the shelves of several high end artisan food stores one of which is the well known Food Hall at Harrods in London.

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Bo Bristle

Bo Bristle is a modern face of the Irish craft beer, containing a discrete flavor, while being brewed in Banagher, Co. Offaly. For the sake of making the brand appear different from the rest of the products available in the craft beer market, the name Bo Bristle was bestowed to the product. The project also involved developing the visual identity of the brand while also designing the complete range of communication materials which extended from the design of the website to the creation of the hand-crafted counter mounts.

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