Get Social

Running your company is a busy job and social media can easily get left behind.  Today social media is no longer an optional marketing activity, it’s essential to your business.  Consumers use social media to create a relationship with a brand. So today it is no longer an option for a brand to be on social media, it is expected. Because of this expectation, an inactive or poorly managed social media presence can have catastrophic consequences.

Our social media plans are designed to address the needs of your business and the goal of your social media strategy.

At If You Brand It our full service social media plans will help you:

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals
  • Identify metrics for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity
  • Identify social media influencers in your industry
  • Identify opportunities for engaging with influencers, prospects, and customers
  • Setup, brand, and optimize your company’s social media accounts


These full service packages include:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Graphic designer to create custom branded content
  • Social media management & monitoring
  • Monthly team strategy session & activity schedule
  • Monthly reporting


Our full service packages start at $1,500/mo and vary based on your unique business goals.  Contact us for a quote today!

We also offer starter plans to help entrepreneurs manage their social media tasks so their social media platforms are consistently engaging with the customers who want to interact there.  These plans are for the businesses who want to keep their platforms active and maintain consistent brand messaging, without the deep strategy and marketing plan.  Like we said before, a poorly managed account can mean big consequences for brands.  So a starter plan gives you the peace of mind to know your account is being maintained by the If You Brand It team and we will have it ready to take to the next level whenever you are ready!

Starter plans start at $2,500/mo.  We also offer social media training and consulting to help you get your social media plan where it needs to be!