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Act and look the part

Amonise Creed came to If You Brand It in need of professional guidance and branding services. The business owner needed someone to help formulate the ideas trapped in her head and turn them into reality, which is exactly what we did.  After talking and fully understanding the business owner’s vision, she was offered a wide-range of branding ideas. After having the business owner answer a questionnaire and after reviewing the many do’s and don’ts of the image she wanted to portray to the company’s target audience we came-up with a classy logo for Amonise Creed, a stunning website as well as additional marketing materials. Business owner of Amonise Creed was delighted with our results, saying she was able to execute the corporate image she envisioned and that she now feels like a professional, which better suites her target clientele.  Her content with our services has led to shameless promotions of her business, resulting in business growth.   She says the cost for such service was reasonable and she was able to accomplish her business goal of having a cohesive brand.  Now she not only acts the part of being a successful business, but she looks the part as well.   Want to not just act but look the part as well?

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What you see is what you get

Branding speaks volumes. Logos, websites, and business cards can have whole conversations with clients, before you even open your mouth. Good branding will make sure those unspoken first impressions convey your true story and service and draw potential clients into a response. That’s the beauty of branding – to reveal to customers and clients that what they see through your colors, fonts, graphics and layouts is what they get through your business. Lexi Jones’ sought website and logo services from If You Brand It for this very reason, that clients would see her branding, understand her vision, and partner with her services. She desired branding to take the guesswork away from her potential clients. So we created a logo and website that spoke her vision and style. Lexi’s Hatch247 is an innovative business incubator and consulting service for modern single moms. It’s clean layout and colors give voice to the professional and straightforward approach of her business. Lexi shares that branding has helped with her business credibility and awareness. She loves how it enhances her core message and magnifies what makes her different. When visitors stop by her site, her branding communicates she means business, she is trustworthy, she is established, and her work is quality. When clients trust your branding, they are open to your business. Growing a healthy, credible business has opened doors for Lexi to speak in Ghana, Africa and celebrate one of her clients becoming a best selling author. Are you ready to show your clients what you have to offer? Schedule a branding consultation today or check out our many services here.

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Designing your Dreams

When Warren and Amira Woodruff decided to take a leap of faith into a new business venture, they were in search of a logo that would tell their story and help their dream take flight. This husband and wife team, both dentists, had years of experience running a successful dental practice. In stepping out to create a new business, they partnered with If You Brand It to create a new logo. As business owners, they already knew something important about branding: it makes your business recognizable online and in your community. After a consultation call with Keenya, the Woodruff’s had a design plan in motion for their logo for their new business, What Are You More Than. They were looking for a clean, professional logo that used a fitting color scheme. Their desire was for a logo that could be integrated into their website, social media pages, and products they sell. And this is exactly what we provided. Their dream was to build a business that helps anyone who has passions outside of his or her nine-to-five and is tired of feeling one-dimensional. What Are You More Than  helps others who have dreams and passions to be able to pursue them. Their blue and white logo uses clear, bold text. The question mark is merged with an arrow to call their customers into a journey of asking questions and pursing answers – just as they desire to help others pursue their dreams. This was a logo designed with a dream in mind. Through the Woodruff’s partnership with If You Brand It, the process not only created a logo they love, but it helped them develop the vision for their business moving forward. They love how the logo helps make their business look more professional and the confidence it has given them to share their business and story with others. Is branding and design worth your time? The Woodruffs affirm, “If you want to take your business to the next level, make sure to determine your business vision first. Then create your brand and design behind your vision. It is very important that customers understand who you are and what services or products you can provide for them.” Are you dreaming of a new business venture? Our consultation services and our branding and design will help your dream take shape. How can we help you set your dream in motion? Schedule a branding consultation today or check out our many services here.

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Show your true colors through branding and design

One of the benefits of brand and design is capturing your vision and business personality in a visually engaging way for your customers and clients. Logos, colors, layouts, and graphics can all tell your story. If You Brand It loves partnering with clients to show their true colors to the world. ­When Courtney Burnett connected with us, she realized she was trying to do everything by herself and her website and brand did not look or feel the way she wanted them to. She desired professional help to have a brand that she would love and feel proud to show off to the world. As a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) and IEP Advocate, Courtney provides services and support to parents of special needs children through her website Having a crisp logo and an online hub that communicates clearly what she is about, what she offers, and appeals to her audience is key. Courtney knew she wanted to improve connections with her customers and that first impressions are priceless. She partnered with If You Brand It to update her logo, samscart offerings, business cards, stationery, social media marketing and her website. Her confidence grew in sharing her product knowing the branding was “on point”. After implementing her new brand, her customers doubled. “My clients can see and feel who I am as a brand,” Courtney explains. Her user-friendly site creates trust and credibility with visitors.                              “The connection with branding ‘me’ and my services,” Courtney shares, has been amazing.” Not only has she connected with more clients, but even her logo has started conversations that allow her to share about her services with potential clients. She shares, “When I help a family better understand their child's education and help them get the special needs services they have been fighting for feels amazing. My goal through my business is to help families turn their struggles into triumphs.” At If You Brand It, we value relationship with our customers, listening to their dreams and their vision for their business. Then we use our tools, like color choices, logo creations, web design and interface to reveal this vision to potential customers or clients. Is branding worth your investment? Courtney says, “it was 100% the best decision I have made in my business to date. The If You Brand It team has been amazing, helping guide me with patience and amazing customer service. I was new to the process and the team helped me every step of the way!” Are you ready to show your true colors to the world? We are ready to make you shine. Schedule a branding consultation today or check out our many services here.

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How branding and design can save you money

Investing in quality branding and design may not seem like the most obvious choice to saving money when you are starting a business. Trying to do it all on your own may seem like the most economical option to cut those start-up costs. But if branding and design are not your specialty, you may end up like many of our clients spending countless hours and funds creating websites, logos, and other content with little return. This is exactly why Kristin Arilus partnered with If You Brand It, “I spent a lot of time and money trying to do it for myself and realized that my website was not attracting my desired audience.” A business strategist for entrepreneurs, Kristin desired a beautiful, easy-to-navigate site for her consulting business, Monetized Mama. Our 90-day or less website design and deployment was the perfect fit for Kristin’s business needs. We delivered a distinct logo and a beautiful, user-friendly site, full of Kristin’s quality resources that launched her business to a whole new level. Her investment in us, allowed us to create a platform for her to maximize her business growth – a partnership in which she is still reaping the benefits.     “I am attracting better quality clients and my business is taken more seriously. I have more clients convert quickly and am being referred to others more often.” But it doesn’t stop there. Kristin’s business has continued to take off. “I have become an ambassador with the Boss Mom brand, have been asked to do podcast interviews, and have done Facebook live interviews with various communities.” Her site is opening doors she didn’t know were there. If you are re-launching or starting a business, save yourself time and money. Invest in your branding. Watch your investment multiply – in clients, customers, and business opportunities. We’re ready to see you soar – are you? Schedule a branding consultation today or check out our many services here.

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