Amonise Creed came to If You Brand It in need of professional guidance and branding services. The business owner needed someone to help formulate the ideas trapped in her head and turn them into reality, which is exactly what we did.  After talking and fully understanding the business owner’s vision, she was offered a wide-range of branding ideas.

After having the business owner answer a questionnaire and after reviewing the many do’s and don’ts of the image she wanted to portray to the company’s target audience we came-up with a classy logo for Amonise Creed, a stunning website as well as additional marketing materials.

Business owner of Amonise Creed was delighted with our results, saying she was able to execute the corporate image she envisioned and that she now feels like a professional, which better suites her target clientele.  Her content with our services has led to shameless promotions of her business, resulting in business growth.


She says the cost for such service was reasonable and she was able to accomplish her business goal of having a cohesive brand.  Now she not only acts the part of being a successful business, but she looks the part as well.


Want to not just act but look the part as well?

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