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1) How do I place an order?

Identify the service(s) you wish to acquire, package or separate, while adding them to your cart.

Click the checkout button.

After going through these steps, you will receive a confirmation email from our team.

2) How does the process work?

The process of working over a project is simple and hassle free. After receiving the details of the project from the client, our designers brainstorm over the idea while coming up with 4 – 5 initial concepts for the design. The initial concepts are then delivered to the client and feedback is obtained regarding the same. The next step involves incorporating the changes as highlighted by the client. Finally, final files for the design are delivered to the client.

3) How do you obtain details from the client?

The details are obtained via a Creative Guide, designed by If You Brand It. The guide consists of simple questions that help our team understand the preferences of our clients.

4) How many revisions do I get?

Depending on the item and package purchased will determine the amount of revisions. Please see the item you desire to purchase.

5) How long until I receive my designs?

The initial concepts are provided within 3-5 business days whereas; the final files are provided within 48-72 business hours.

6) In what formats are the final files provided?

Final files are provided in the following formats depending on the package purchased.
7) Do I get the copyrights of the design?



8) How do I communicate with If You Brand It?

Once the project has started, our Account Managers remain in continuous coordination with the client via call or email.

However; in case of any other query you can contact us through our contact page via filling out the form provided.

9) Do you do printing for your clients?

No. The printing work is to be handled by the client.

10) When do I make the payment?

Advance payment will be made by the client. The client will have to select a relevant package and make the payment before the project begins.

11) What payment methods do you accept?

Payment made through either PayPal or Credit card will be accepted. Any other form of payment, be it in cash or through any other portal, will not be accepted.

12) Do you have a refund policy?

We have a 3 day refund policy. You can request a refund 3 days after the purchase date.

13) Are all the designs created in-house?

Yes, we do not outsource our work. All the graphic design work is done by our expert team of designers.

14) Is my information secure?

Our site ensures the safety of the information our clients provide to us. We are not in the process of selling our client’s information to any third party without their consent.

15) Will our work be displayed on the site?

Yes, we have the right to display the work, designed by us, on our site. However; the copyrights of the same will remain with the client.