Why does business branding matter?

Business branding has the power to charm or repel potential clients. This is why it is immensely important to create and maintain the most appropriate image for your business.  If a business isn’t turning a profit, then it shouldn’t be a running business. You need to have a brand that reflects power, success and that […]

What makes a good company logo?

When customers look at your business name, the first thing they see is your logo. Logos are a VERY important part of your business. This little visual piece of brand identity and it has the power to influence how clients feel about your business and attract future clients. Logos convey a message and define your […]

Let’s Talk URLS

  You may be asking yourself if getting a professional website is worth the investment… If that’s the case, think no more! We are about to show you why it is CRUCIAL for a successful business to have its own professional website. A website would offer a medium to show what products and services your […]

Great stationary will elevate you from your competition

The importance of business stationary is often forgotten. However, the benefits of great stationary are endless. Your business stationary portrays your business a certain way. This is why carefully crafted stationary; designed by professionals like our design team at If You Brand It, can help brand your business in a professional way. If your business […]

How to attract the right clients to your business

A business can’t run without customers. Therefore, it’s vital that a business target the right client base to be successful and profitable. But how does a business attract the right clients? There are a few priorities you need to think of when starting a business if you want to lure the right clients to your […]

How to grow your business exponentially

When Jennifer Endsley; owner of Endsley & Co, first started her business, she was in need of a professional to help make her business cards, website and logo. She was recommended If You Brand It by a friend who had used our services before and was very pleased with the results. After a live consultation, […]

The 3 C’s to successful branding: Clarity, Consistency and Constancy

How you brand your business, services, products express who you are as a business and what makes you (the business), you! It’s important to keep the 3 C’s of branding in mind when deciding how to brand your business/services- Clarity, Consistency and Constancy. After working with the Jubilee Mosley Enterprise LLC, the owner and artist […]

Visions + Decisions + Actions = Reality

Sailing into your businesses’ image without a compass? Do not worry, If You Brand It will be your compass.   Gilmanda Atkinson didn’t know where to start when it came to projecting an image for her Boutique Management Consulting and Coaching firm. She was lost and needed to be guided in a certain direction. Fortunately, […]