Let’s Talk URLS

  You may be asking yourself if getting a professional website is worth the investment… If that’s the case, think no more! We are about to show you why it is CRUCIAL for a successful business to have its own professional website. A website would offer a medium to show what products and services your […]

How to attract the right clients to your business

A business can’t run without customers. Therefore, it’s vital that a business target the right client base to be successful and profitable. But how does a business attract the right clients? There are a few priorities you need to think of when starting a business if you want to lure the right clients to your […]

How to grow your business exponentially

When Jennifer Endsley; owner of Endsley & Co, first started her business, she was in need of a professional to help make her business cards, website and logo. She was recommended If You Brand It by a friend who had used our services before and was very pleased with the results. After a live consultation, […]

The 3 C’s to successful branding: Clarity, Consistency and Constancy

How you brand your business, services, products express who you are as a business and what makes you (the business), you! It’s important to keep the 3 C’s of branding in mind when deciding how to brand your business/services- Clarity, Consistency and Constancy. After working with the Jubilee Mosley Enterprise LLC, the owner and artist […]