When Warren and Amira Woodruff decided to take a leap of faith into a new business venture, they were in search of a logo that would tell their story and help their dream take flight.

This husband and wife team, both dentists, had years of experience running a successful dental practice. In stepping out to create a new business, they partnered with If You Brand It to create a new logo. As business owners, they already knew something important about branding: it makes your business recognizable online and in your community.

After a consultation call with Keenya, the Woodruff’s had a design plan in motion for their logo for their new business, What Are You More Than. They were looking for a clean, professional logo that used a fitting color scheme. Their desire was for a logo that could be integrated into their website, social media pages, and products they sell. And this is exactly what we provided.

Their dream was to build a business that helps anyone who has passions outside of his or her nine-to-five and is tired of feeling one-dimensional. What Are You More Than  helps others who have dreams and passions to be able to pursue them. Their blue and white logo uses clear, bold text. The question mark is merged with an arrow to call their customers into a journey of asking questions and pursing answers – just as they desire to help others pursue their dreams. This was a logo designed with a dream in mind.

Through the Woodruff’s partnership with If You Brand It, the process not only created a logo they love, but it helped them develop the vision for their business moving forward. They love how the logo helps make their business look more professional and the confidence it has given them to share their business and story with others.

Is branding and design worth your time? The Woodruffs affirm, “If you want to take your business to the next level, make sure to determine your business vision first. Then create your brand and design behind your vision. It is very important that customers understand who you are and what services or products you can provide for them.”

Are you dreaming of a new business venture? Our consultation services and our branding and design will help your dream take shape.

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