One of the benefits of brand and design is capturing your vision and business personality in a visually engaging way for your customers and clients. Logos, colors, layouts, and graphics can all tell your story. If You Brand It loves partnering with clients to show their true colors to the world.

­When Courtney Burnett connected with us, she realized she was trying to do everything by herself and her website and brand did not look or feel the way she wanted them to. She desired professional help to have a brand that she would love and feel proud to show off to the world. As a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) and IEP Advocate, Courtney provides services and support to parents of special needs children through her website Having a crisp logo and an online hub that communicates clearly what she is about, what she offers, and appeals to her audience is key.

Courtney knew she wanted to improve connections with her customers and that first impressions are priceless. She partnered with If You Brand It to update her logo, samscart offerings, business cards, stationery, social media marketing and her website. Her confidence grew in sharing her product knowing the branding was “on point”. After implementing her new brand, her customers doubled. “My clients can see and feel who I am as a brand,” Courtney explains. Her user-friendly site creates trust and credibility with visitors.  


“The connection with branding ‘me’ and my services,” Courtney shares, has been amazing.” Not only has she connected with more clients, but even her logo has started conversations that allow her to share about her services with potential clients. She shares, “When I help a family better understand their child’s education and help them get the special needs services they have been fighting for feels amazing. My goal through my business is to help families turn their struggles into triumphs.”

At If You Brand It, we value relationship with our customers, listening to their dreams and their vision for their business. Then we use our tools, like color choices, logo creations, web design and interface to reveal this vision to potential customers or clients.

Is branding worth your investment?

Courtney says, “it was 100% the best decision I have made in my business to date.

The If You Brand It team has been amazing, helping guide me with patience and amazing customer service. I was new to the process and the team helped me every step of the way!”

Are you ready to show your true colors to the world?

We are ready to make you shine.

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