Branding speaks volumes. Logos, websites, and business cards can have whole conversations with clients, before you even open your mouth. Good branding will make sure those unspoken first impressions convey your true story and service and draw potential clients into a response.

That’s the beauty of branding – to reveal to customers and clients that what they see through your colors, fonts, graphics and layouts is what they get through your business.

Lexi Jones’ sought website and logo services from If You Brand It for this very reason, that clients would see her branding, understand her vision, and partner with her services. She desired branding to take the guesswork away from her potential clients. So we created a logo and website that spoke her vision and style. Lexi’s Hatch247 is an innovative business incubator and consulting service for modern single moms. It’s clean layout and colors give voice to the professional and straightforward approach of her business.

Lexi shares that branding has helped with her business credibility and awareness. She loves how it enhances her core message and magnifies what makes her different. When visitors stop by her site, her branding communicates she means business, she is trustworthy, she is established, and her work is quality.

When clients trust your branding, they are open to your business. Growing a healthy, credible business has opened doors for Lexi to speak in Ghana, Africa and celebrate one of her clients becoming a best selling author.

Are you ready to show your clients what you have to offer?

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