Designing your Digital Curb Appeal

When internationally acclaimed artist, Sandro Pelicié Pérez approached us for branding services, he needed help creating a platform that expressed his artwork and services and appealed to his niche market. When we develop brands and digital spaces with our clients we are looking for curb appeal – an overall presentation that causes both casual and interested customers or clients to stop, to listen, and to lean in. As a sculptor and decorative concrete specialist, Sandro’s talent and services were unquestionable. When Sandro connected with us, he only had a business card developed and he realized that, though his card had one focus, there was potential, because of his training, to expand his business into various areas. As Sandro met with us for branding consultation, we were able to bring his vision into focus – a single branding identity for all the business entities he had in his hand: One that would tell the story of his business accurately, and effectively capture the attention of a wider audience. Using Sandro’s logo and sculptures as inspiration, If You Brand It developed a sharp, bold, and striking website. Sandro desired the site to be easy to navigate, noting that some of those in his niche market were not as technically savy. He wanted visitors to easily learn more, buy artwork, or inquire about commissions without aimlessly wondering around a website. We listened and built a user-friendly site that captured the strong artistic feel of Sandro’s artwork. And the results were immediate. Traffic to Sandro’s instagram account sky-rocked as customers had a place to go to learn more about his creations and make purchases. “These days,” Sandro explains, “everything hinges on having a website, no matter what the product is.” Developing a brand and building a website resulted in greater visibility for his business and more pointed and appropriate targeting of those he is equipped to serve. He shares that often he is called to fix problems that are left after faulty workmanship and to provide finishes and sculptures that are done with high regard for the money customers pay him. In the same way, If You Brand It also partners with clients, taking their current branding and updating it or recreating it with excellence. With Sandro’s Project as with so many others, If You Brand It provided a remodel – a brand new look for a fresh start to a new phase of a business or dream. Why invest in branding consultation and web design? Take it from Sandro, “Branding and design helps you find your niche market, it is the call to the market to gain the attention of the audience that is yours – it focuses and defines who you are and what you bring to the world.” Are you ready to freshen up your branding and add some curb appeal to your business? We’re ready to help.

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When branding becomes your business partner

Every business owner knows the power of leveraging collaboration. Finding others to partner with who can multiply your efforts is an incredible asset these days. But did you know there is a silent partner available to all business owners that is often overlooked? When Tanieka Randal of Tee’s Hair Secret came to If You Brand It she discovered this valuable truth: Branding is the business partner you may have never known you needed. Tanieka already had a list of inspiring accomplishments as an entrepreneur, bestselling author, International Inspirational Speaker, Oncology RN and cancer survivor. But her website and branding did not reflect the high quality of her business and attributes. Put simply. Her old branding didn’t tell her TRUE story. And that’s where If You Brand It stepped into her story, listened, and designed. We partnered with Tanieka to reveal the NEW and the TRUE story through a new logo, web graphics, and website. “Everything looks professional, beautiful, and fits my brand story,” Taneika shares. She loves the consistency of the sleek gold and vibrant purple colors that bring cohesion throughout her graphics and website. Tee’s Hair Secret logo is distinct and classy, with a whimsical touch of curls spiraling off the text. The logo effortlessly communicates through its design what her business is about, and is easily remembered and recognizable to those who see it – an incredible business asset. Branding with IYBI has created an increase in visibility and web visits for Taneika’s natural hair care business, while also opening up more partnerships and business opportunities. Her desire to inspire, motivate, and help others happens seamlessly through her branding, as visitors come to her site, follow her on social media, and reach out to her personally. The designs created through IYBI reflect who Taneika truly is and what her business truly stands for. Branding takes the guesswork out of forging connections with customers and business partners. And the best part about branding? Taneika shares, “It speaks for your business when you are unable to.” We are honored to partner with Taneika and her dream of helping millions of women discover their potential and confidently walk out their purpose by creating branding and design that is working on her behalf round the clock – a truly perfect business partner. How can we help you discover the power of branding for your life and business goals?    

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